knokke fotofestival

The knokke fotofestival is an interesting exhibition with different kinds of photography, from good amateur photography up to the kind of stuff that needs no words. The a(mateur)-photographers, mailed in their work from all over the world, Poland, Iran, Ukraine and some photos physically showed that. Some photographers work was juxtaposed in an unhappy way and with ugly name-tags. But overall it was inspiring and maybe I should read the rules and compete myself some day.

The photography by Martine Laquière was very convincing, faboulous color, intriguing images, outstanding technique. I would like to know the details of how these photographs were presented, behind a plexi(?) frame. Perhaps someone can put a link about these technical details in the comment section below.

The main attraction if obviously the retrospective of Mark Seliger . Personally I was most impressed by the portrets of some musicians such as John Lee Hooker, or Mick Jagger but do not hesitate to go and look for yourself, recommended.