Fedora Core 4 on old compaq deskpro

After waiting a bit too long I installed Fedora Core 4 on my (very) old 350 Mhz Compaq Deskpro (with some added memory and a bigger hard drive). The result is simply wonderfull. Thanks to all the people anywhere on the globe for making this, meaning gnu and linux and countless other programs possible! The only problem I encountered during the upgrade was a failure to pass the media test before the install/upgrade. If this happens first test the integrity of the download iso file using sha1sum isofilename . You can do this also under windows. If this is ok and you did not get any errors during the burning of the disk, try this during the bootup of the first cd: linux ide=nodma. It worked for me. For other additional info about configuration issues and programs not included in the fedora distribution I can recommend these instructions.