what about 2006 and this blog?

This blog started as an intramural experiment, and if only in updating my knowledge of current web-technology it is a small success (you probably did not notice but a recent thorough cleaning up of my wordpress template finally made the footer appear at the bottom….).

So why continue? I guess that currently it is mainly the photo-part of my blog that motivates me. The interaction with other photo-bloggers such as Chris positively surprised me (be sure to also check out the photoblogs by the other people that comment on my photoblog). There will be more photography in 2006, probably much more. After much hesitation, and a bit of this , and with the positive support of my wife (not given to all photographers when you read the fora about photography gear), I ordered my Nikon D200! This will make things much less laborious, resulting in more photos, and I hope, better ones…

But I have a backlog of books I read on which I cannot help expressing my opinion about. So I agree with Ben Casnocha that I blog because “it clarifies my thinking.”.

I summarize: more and better photos and books (or books and photos).

Happy 2006!