Jordi Savall playing in Bruges

With the help of some very nice people my wife and i managed to buy a number of tickets, with an interesting discount, for concerts at the Concertgebouw in Bruges. I have made a number of photos of or near this rather recent building. The building had a large number of critics, including me, but i grew to like it more and more recently. Time apparently heals the anger at the fiscal mismanagment displayed during the design and execution of the project. As previously noted, lots of excellent performances are happening there and tonight’s concert was no exception. But that is a bad choice of words, tonight’s concert was simply faboulous. Jordi Savall gave a most remarkable performance. I will not even try to describe the sounds he managed to get out of his viola da gamba. Marin Marais was the featured composer but he also played some Bach. Check out his website, you will not regret it !

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One thought on “Jordi Savall playing in Bruges”

  1. Een Belgische blogger die ik vind via de Amerikaans jkirlin. Wat een omweg.

    Hele mooie foto’s op je fotoblog trouwens. Ik herkende Zeebrugge en de vaart langs Damme.

    Ik zou graag links uitwisselen, laat me weten wat je ervan vindt. Greetz.

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