5 things (5 dingen … stokjestijd)

What a challenges! Write 5 things the universe does not know about you yet (or should i say me ) … lets ‘s pick up the glove … thrown by flawijn propagating the meme started by wza.

  1. When i was a kid i was quite fascinated by what was happening in manned space exploration and i knew a fair bit about the Apollo missions, as least compared to my classmates… But my troubles with science reporting (see here) may actually have started when I was that young (4th grade). I kept hearing that the astronauts were taking samples on the moon, nothing special about that but in dutch the word “monster” is used for that, and I do not have to explain the other meaning of that word…. It took me a long time after people left the moon before I figured out the word has two meanings here. You didn’t think that I “believed” for one picosecond in life on the moon, did you?
  2. I once was the deciding factor in a bicycle race, while being myself on a bicycle. And this has nothing to do with my athletic abilities. I must have been about 7 years old when I was driving down the road with my favorite (older) nephew. We knew there was a race going on but nobody stopped us. I grew suspicious when I started to become the focus of attention of everybody standing in the street and I braked and stopped just when the two leading contenders were behind me…one happy the other not so.
  3. I am bad in languages and my German obviously is no exception: as a kid driving through Germany on our way to a vacation in Switzerland and not being too bad in geography i was wondering why nobody told me about that really big city called ausfahrt… and did you know about the name of that lake next to St-Moritz called the “zum” see….
  4. I sometimes have the impression that i see colors in a different way with my left eye as compared to my right eye. I Obviously have to start my study about color calibration and continue my study about the qualia called color!
  5. It took me a while in my life before I had to pay any income taxes (now I am unmistakably paying too much…) but it took me even longer to realize what money realy is … reading a bunch of articles in wired, money is nothing but a promise you can do something else with it … scary is’nt it.

So who can I “challenge”… Sidney, Ties, or anybody regularly commenting on my photoblog.

Let me end by telling you that point 2 by wza is not only hilarious but made me think immediately about the Sokal affair!

moving a blog …..

Recently i was not very happy with the reliability of the hosting over at doemee.be and as my traffic for december was growing and growing (due to this and some bandwidth theft of photos) i decided, in a hurry, to move on to one.com. Easy enough in theory, in practice i needed to surmount a few obstacles (read… it took me quite a bit longer than anticipated): Like reading some fine print on how to stop your hosting contract, including sending a certified (snail)mail letter. I also made a number of mistakes.
Moving pixelpost was easy but unfortunately i made the error of putting pixelpost in a directory with a different name resulting in broken links. That is fixed now and sorry for that (photofriday…). An interesting observation is that the deluge of comment-spam was temporarily stopped by this “error” but resumed immediately (within minutes!) after the original directory structure was re-established….. I have no idea what life would be without akismet!
But i had more troubles with wordpress. I came to realize, too late, that one.com does not support “nice” permalinks due to the absence of mod_rewrite. I was locked out … logging into my blog did not work anymore, even after disabling all the plugins. Exhaustive web searching confirmed the fact i was not the first one to experience this but none of the fixes i found were successful, and there may be another reason beside the absence of mod_rewrite. Although a number of blog-entries showed up on the front page, non of the links worked. What got me really really angry was the fact that the comment spam was filling my mail-box as i had disabled akismet by removing the plugins…. This is how i finally managed to get things working again, i do not know if this is safe or ridiculously reckless (you have been warned) … but it worked for me AND i was angry at the spammers….
I first made a backup with phpmyadmin of all the wordpress stuff in the sql database with the exception of the options. I installed wordpress 2.0.5 from scratch (with the default permalinks, instead of the nice ones). Then in phpmyadmin i deleted everything in the wordpress database except for the options and subsequently imported what i had backed up before. Then i reinstalled my theme and a bunch of plugins……

So moving in a hurry is not a very good idea, but i no longer have to worry about the amount of traffic my site generates, and i have now room enough for a couple more years of photoblogging: 1G instead of 100MB. And all this for the price it would have costed to pay for that extra bandwith. I can live with the much simpler control panel and you will have to do without the nice permalinks.