5 things (5 dingen … stokjestijd)

What a challenges! Write 5 things the universe does not know about you yet (or should i say me ) … lets ‘s pick up the glove … thrown by flawijn propagating the meme started by wza.

  1. When i was a kid i was quite fascinated by what was happening in manned space exploration and i knew a fair bit about the Apollo missions, as least compared to my classmates… But my troubles with science reporting (see here) may actually have started when I was that young (4th grade). I kept hearing that the astronauts were taking samples on the moon, nothing special about that but in dutch the word “monster” is used for that, and I do not have to explain the other meaning of that word…. It took me a long time after people left the moon before I figured out the word has two meanings here. You didn’t think that I “believed” for one picosecond in life on the moon, did you?
  2. I once was the deciding factor in a bicycle race, while being myself on a bicycle. And this has nothing to do with my athletic abilities. I must have been about 7 years old when I was driving down the road with my favorite (older) nephew. We knew there was a race going on but nobody stopped us. I grew suspicious when I started to become the focus of attention of everybody standing in the street and I braked and stopped just when the two leading contenders were behind me…one happy the other not so.
  3. I am bad in languages and my German obviously is no exception: as a kid driving through Germany on our way to a vacation in Switzerland and not being too bad in geography i was wondering why nobody told me about that really big city called ausfahrt… and did you know about the name of that lake next to St-Moritz called the “zum” see….
  4. I sometimes have the impression that i see colors in a different way with my left eye as compared to my right eye. I Obviously have to start my study about color calibration and continue my study about the qualia called color!
  5. It took me a while in my life before I had to pay any income taxes (now I am unmistakably paying too much…) but it took me even longer to realize what money realy is … reading a bunch of articles in wired, money is nothing but a promise you can do something else with it … scary is’nt it.

So who can I “challenge”… Sidney, Ties, or anybody regularly commenting on my photoblog.

Let me end by telling you that point 2 by wza is not only hilarious but made me think immediately about the Sokal affair!

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2 thoughts on “5 things (5 dingen … stokjestijd)”

  1. your first thing is the best thing i ever heard concerning the imagination of a child!

    i’ll think about this invitation and write my 5 things as soon as i got them figured out!

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