do not throw away that old pc!

I just recycled an old (>8 years!) pc (Compaq deskpro EP 350 Mhz, 64MB ram) into a firewall using ipcop. It is rather easy to do, highly recommended. You can read about this here or here to make up your mind. I repeat, it is not that difficult, give it a try before generating more trash and old iron, and thanks to all the people involved in making ipcop! Did i forget to mention this stuff is free?

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2 thoughts on “do not throw away that old pc!”

  1. format? about the hard-drive?
    i had ipcop handle the hard disk (complete reformat)13GB harddisk, certainly not the original disk but from a different deskpro that got a hard-disk upgrade.

    Some extra details of the machine:
    Pentium II
    2x 3com combi ethernet cards (remember coax cables?)
    one pci one isa (nicely handled by ipcop!)

    I once tried to put an ethernet card in a packard bell and failed…. strange motherboard.

    These compaq computers were about as “standard” as they could get AND are solidly build!

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