Rosas / Ictus / Steve Reich Evening

Yesterday we went to the concertgebouw in Brugge to see Rosas the dance company founded by Ann Marie de Keersmaecker and hear Ictus play Steve Reich. I have always liked the minimalistic music of Steve Reich, and Philip Glass and Terry Riley…. to the sometimes considerable irritation of the other members of my family. On the other hand the name Rosas and De Keersmaecker were familiar to me but i had never seen them or really had an opinion about them, i knew they were very well know in Belgium, but so what….. It did not take long to for me to make up my mind, it was a fabulous evening and the biggest regret was we did not bring our daughter along to be inspired (but well buy a dvd…). Although i do not know too much about dancing the performance was very impressive. And it was as if the music was written after the choreography was made. The use of lights on the scene by Remon Fromont was appropriately minimalistic but all the more effective, o boy… if i could ever get an opportunity to photograph all this. And why not list the name of the dancers: Anne-Lin Akselsen, BoÅ¡tjan Antonci, Tale Dolven, Kosi Hidama, Kaya Kolodziejczyk, Cynthia Loemij, Mark Lorimer, Moya Michael, Elizaveta Penkóva, Zsuzsa Rozsavölgyi, Anani Dodji Sanouvi, Igor Shyshko, Clinton Stringer, Sue-Yeon Youn.