about me

Somewhere in 1996 i started a web page, a simple html one.  It disappeared slowly some five years later.  I still like the internet however, some parts of it at least.  The rediscovery of my old hobby, photography, and the memes infecting me, mostly through books, made me start my own blog.  Enjoy it and thanks for your interest.


The photo in the header is a rather old b&w photo taken more than 35 years ago while i was riding my bike on a good old stretch of Flemish cobblestones.  In an era when photography was still a chemical thing i learned the ‘dark room’ secrets from my father.  The negatives have withstood the test of time rather well, i got good advice!


This blog is thus about what interests or annoys me and what is not directly related to my current job.  My name is hans de loof and if you want to email me put the word blog before the @ and add my domain name (my full name without the spaces a dot and be).  Of course you can google me if you really want to know more and to reward you for reading all the way to the end of this rather long sentence, maybe, just maybe, you should also try google scholar




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