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15 years ago

15 years ago (plus one day) i made my first entry into this blog … It is quite remarkable that the same ecosystem is still alive, thanks wordpresss! The other part of my blog used pixelpost and that lasted nearly 10 years. Too bad pixelpost is not viable anymore. In 2005 … facebook was not yet doing what it does. I could not, and still cannot understand why people relinquish so easily the control of what to read or what to look at…. But I finally caved in and got myself a facebook account in 2015. I am not posting very much there though. Because photography is kind of important for me i do have an instagram account which i have been using a lot recently. But i have plans to do a complete makeover of this wordpress site and show you more of my photography…

blog cleanup

Started cleaning up this blog including the links in the sidebar….  a decade later and lots of lost sites….

Any suggestions for a wordpress plugin to show my old pixelpost-blog photos?