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domain name – hosting – a first milestone?

What domain name ? Which hosting company? The choice is endless and the list of features to compare very long…. I settled on for hosting this blog, lets hope for the best. I found their web site clear and the price rather good. Spending the money on a domain name “” and on hosting the blog is a first milestone: it is a bit more than playing around with apache and php and wordpress on my more than 5 year old compaq deskpro running fedora linux core 2 ….. It is the ultimate proof of vanity, disguised as an experiment about what blogging is all about. allowed me to pay by ordinary money transfer (“overschrijving” in dutch). I like this feature, maybe not as fast as a credit card transaction, but certainly safer. So my site should go life in a couple of days now. There is only one small thing that annoyed me during setup: firefox, my standard browser, was blocking pop-ups and that made som features of the control panel look non-functional.

blog progress

This blog is still an intramural affair, but the launch is iminent…
If permalink problems can be solved and
if I manage to tweak the style to my taste and
if get a grip on my spelling errors and and
if I find enough photos do get started and
if I discover a good hosting solution…..

pink floyd and cold fusion

I don’t know why but loud music can be fun.
What about a “Momentary Laps of Reason” by Pink floyd.
Only momentary, dont believe in cold fusion just yet!
Seen nice Horizon documentary recently.

Take home message: repeat that experiment!

(don’t worry TV will lot be an important topic in this blog)

first post

To my big surprise I am typing my first entry here.

First of all thanks to all those people that make the web possible!

I will start with a reference to the beginning of someones else, sorry but it is in french:

No panic, i am not selling anything, just typing..
and i was thinking about making this blog for quite a while.
And maybe, just maybe some stuff will not be “.