what about 2007 and this blog

Well pretty much the same as last year…. (as a reference to the past, a blog is unbeatable)
Photography has nearly taken over this blog, i.e. my venture into digital photography has been very enjoyable. My D200 and the bulky but good 17-55mm zoom have served me well. The “success” of the photography part of my blog and my busy professional activities (that are NOT the subject of this blog…) made me nearly abandon the text part but i will try to reinvigorate that part if only for my own sanity as i have such a huge backlog of books that i absolutely positively have to read….
My photography plans include color calibration, (finally) buying a tripod (Bruges by night), and i want to have a small number of shots printed with the diasec technique. All advise on these topics is welcome!

happy 2007!

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One thought on “what about 2007 and this blog”

  1. Hoi Hans,

    Ik las het linkje over de diasec techniek en het deed mij denken aan een foto dat wij eens hebben laten verlijmen tussen 2 plexi’s. Ik weet niet of het dat precies is, maar het komt in ieder geval dicht in de buurt. Dat was toen gedaan door Milo-profi in kontich (http://www.milo-profi.be/) en er is nog een ander bedrijf in Nederland waar iets gelijkaardigs gedaan wordt (http://plexiphoto.com/).

    Hopelijk ben je daar iets mee …


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